Is it banal?


just got brought this lot. what you having? You may have max. 2 items.

There may be hidden gold bars also.


Caramel Rocky and a pack of C&O please, friend




Maryland Minis, Orange Club please.


orange club, caramel rocky. here you go shopkeep :moneybag:


Orange club and animal biscuits


ya bunch of orange weirdos


Caramel rocky too, if there’s any left, and one of those kinder things.


this is violence. orange chocolate is :fire::fire:


Two orange Clubs please, and keep your opinions to yourself.


Also look at these ducklings i saw on lunch :blush:


I love them.


This might be your greatest lunch, eric. Did it involve a burrito?


Maryland cookies, if there’s any left please.


orange club for me too

might be a bit melted and disgusting in this heat but it’ll have to do


i can confirm that there were hidden gold bars and that i have eaten one


fresh from tesco and in a cool bag!!


gold bar
cheese and onion


solid choices


might be a bit cool and delicious in this cool bag, but it’ll have to do