Is it Christmas Yet? [Ongoing Poll]

Please feel free to revise your choice when you feel it is now Christmas, or not Christmas anymore

  • It is now Christmas time.
  • It is not currently Christmas at this time.

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Seeing a lot. I mean A LOT, of those crap hallmark Christmas films on already. Christmas cookery shows already on. Seeing some deccies. Hmm.

Glad to see this is even at this point not a clean sweep.


This seems like the least opportune time to remove Puppy Star Christmas (2018), hope somebody’s head rolls for that gaffe.


The ‘festive period’ begins the day after my birthday. We are currently in the ‘Aggpass birthday preparation period’

Yeah, that’s exactly my point as well

I’m pretty sure this was what Jesus said too.

I have already watched a Christmas movie (two weeks ago in fact) but this was an aberration. It will be Christmas in six days.

No he wasn’t born yet. It was one of the rich cunts with the myrrh.

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Usually I am getting right into the spirit now but it doesn’t feel the slightest bit festive.

Need to have a night with Baileys and the Christmas standards on

2 baileys last night, my metaphorical stocking is hung

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Or Aggvent as it’s known




read that as penetration period

saw some lights and tree up walking home yesterday. too early imo.

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Feeling pretty stressed about it this year actually as it happens

Is secret Santa happening this year @japes ?

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It’s on a Saturday this year so you get 2 bank holidays on the following Mon and Tues, if that helps.
Also NYE is on a Friday night, which it always should be.

Impossible for it to be Christmas when you’re alone.

That’s a little later, if you catch my drift