Is it disrespectful to refuse to call a priest eg "Father Martin"

I mean if you’re working with them in a non-church context, as someone who has no part or particular interest in organised religion.
When I say refuse, I just mean choose not to do it even if that’s how they introduce themselves, sign off emails etc.
Basically I don’t want to reply to this email calling some bloke Father when I don’t even know him but also don’t want to upset him (I mean I don’t care if he’s upset a bit due to disrespect of his status, but I don’t want to offend him on some kind of deeper level).

I don’t think so? I would just use whatever they signed off with though, so if he signed off Father Whoever then I think it’s impolite to just address him as Whoever.

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Just double down and give yourself a title imo


Mother Smee


actually I bought some ferry tickets a while ago and gave my kids titles of Rev. and Lord on the booking form.
the trip was cancelled due to covid so never got to live the experience unfortunately.


I work with a couple of people who are Rev’d such-and-such and I just call them by their first name. Could you compromise your position and refer to him as Father Martin the first time, and then Martin subsequently?

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If father is a title like Doctor or Mrs or whatever (I think reverend is a formal title?) and they’re calling themselves with this name, it’s good to call them that as it’s what they asked for


Go with padre. Means the same, but has a less formal feel to it.


Brother Smee

All fun and games until they don’t let you on isn’t it? All fun and games


Second best priest

John Misty


Actually rev works with the first name not the last (unlike father) so if Chris Smith was a Catholic he would be Father Smith but an Anglican he would be Rev Chris or Rev Chris Smith but never Rev Smith, which is wrong.

If you really want to go all out you can call him Rev Mr Smith.

I don’t know why I know this but I do and it constantly boils my piss that my headteacher gets it wrong when she’s married to an Anglican priest

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I would just go with Father though, just the same way I would with any other title like that. I grew up Catholic though, so I’m used to saying Father [Name] all the time.

just reply with the wrong name, like “Dear Father James” and then he will be all “actually my name is Martin” and then you can just call him Martin from then on because he has basically told you to!

yeah, also this is Glasgow, I don’t want him to think I just hate Catholics

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It’s really good fun to call vicars father


well in a way they did stop me getting on that boat

I’ve now got “Father Abraham” in my head and it’s all your fault



Not many ‘daddys’ about are there