Is it disrespecting your partner to dine out alone with someone else?


This guy seems to think so…

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This is referring to the Mike Pence thing, right?


weid man GO AWAY


It is. Look at the guy’s timeline, he’s not having it at all.


420 blaze it






That guy’s a total flume, though.


Haha everybody look at this prick


No idea who he is apart from being a platonic friendship denier.


What are you lot even playing at.

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Alpaca grooming expert…? :scream:




And not in the way that the kids use the word “sick”


Oh fuck just saw the title of his book. THREAD CLOSED.


Do you regularly go for dinner with someone who is of a gender to which you are sexually attracted, but who is NOT your partner?

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thought this was the actor from Veep for a moment.


Phenomenal sentence-construction skills on display there.


You didn’t spot the book he’s promoting all about the evils of ‘The Left’ via the big backdrop on his Twitter page? It’s out this week btw, that’s why he’s being ‘controversial’