is it evening on the 25th of March 2020 yet?

is there a thread?

on my first walk (still) from the shop back home. daft weather for a lockdown in March.

got a couple crafty beers. gonna sit on the grass and have a veggie burger.



Lovely sky we’ve got going


Just had Burger King for tea

Cost thirty fucking quid.


:grimacing: but how

Doha airport. Was the cheapest thing to eat.

they were playing some dece tunes in Morrison’s. was enjoying the respectful social distancing and quiet shop but still kept my earphones off in case anyone was coughing irresponsibly.

I am now listening to ‘Sacrifice’ by the boy Elton on repeat as a result walking home.

can we agree in the year 2020 that this is a real sweet tune?

  • I have two ears and a heart, don’t I?
  • no, in fact I do not appreciate mellow vibes with a big-hearted vocal soaring above.

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yikes :sweat: you on yr way back then?

Productive day all in all. Watching more Downtown Alley (one for the annoying your partner thread) and got some minted lamb steaks and roast potatoes a-cookin’.

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hi everybody, I miss you


Hi Acorn and etc

Had a rubbish day. Somehow things were manageable for about a week but have now returned to pre-lockdown position of not coping at all and big arguments. Except now there is no break or respite because no one can go anywhere.

At least I made a correct call that R was really tired so I should get him to bed early, he’s snoring away already. Managed to trick him into thinking it was normal bedtime by reading a bunch more stories and exaggerating the length of time it took.

Starving. Would absolutely love a ridiculous take away but would feel really guilty doing it.

Feeling disproportionately sorry for myself.

Yeah flying again in a few hours.

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Hosting a virtual pub quiz for both sides of our family this evening


get home safe pal!


hello J.L.C

I think takeaways are still a thing rn? maybe you’d be helping them stay in business if it was an independent one?

congrats on early bedtime too.

I am struggling a lot rn too, but my ‘20 minutes exercise’ :eyes: has been a lovely bit of escape. nicest ever March weather.


*checks* yes indeed it is

yes! this is it! how funny.

having some leftover daal, working on a bit of music and then watching masterchef. hoping to be in bed by 10pm. trying to hold off on the nice beers at the mo but we’ll see how that goes eh!!!111


love the way he sings it “langers”

I had some leftover daal last few days. one of the finest leftover meals imho. what kind of daal tho?

glad I got the facts right with my thread, phew!!


chana, of course! the one true daal in my opinion.

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They are still a thing but for all I know I might be ordering from somewhere with people who wished they were safe at home rather than working in a cramoed kitchen. I don’t even know what is right anymore.

Woah, throwback :hushed:

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