is it evening on the 25th of March 2020 yet?

my foot still hurts after 2 weeks so thinking I may not have gout after all as it should be long gone, maybe I broke my toe or something, supposed to have a blood test in a couple of weeks but dunno if that will happen. overjoyed to have found some chocolate filled pancakes I had forgotten about and some brioche. sneezed a few times and have a slight throat tickle, hopefully just being cooped up in a dusty flat

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Evening all. Just been out for my 1 (one) walk. Herons and moorhens have read the memo on social distancing; the :fox_face: definitely hadn’t.


Evenin all, going for pure Sunn o))) vibes the way this hood hangs


Can’t remember who was fretting about MOTs yesterday (was it @grievoustim?) but:

Cars with MOTs due from the 30th March will get an automatic six-month extension in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The new legislation, which doesn’t include cars due for an MOT before the date, is intended to reduce the number of people visiting stations, thereby reducing person-to-person contact. It includes three-year-old cars up for their first MOT, as well as vans and motorbikes, allowing people to continue using private transport instead of forcing them into infection hotspots like buses and trains.


Went for my bit of exercise for the day, pretty quiet fair few newsagents and grocery stores open but all with a 3/4 customers in at a time or it’s equivalent. Had a real sense of the enormity of the current moment seeing all the pubs and other random venues closed and wondering when they were going to open again.

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Evening. Had a mediocre curry for tea. V wants to play a board game and watch Tropic Thunder which seems just the sort of nonsense this evening was made for.


had some sort of weird cabbage steak thingy for dinner

now got a beer



So I thought I taped 90 day fiancé: before the 90 days episode 2 of season 3
But I actually taped a shit gogglebox version of it where past 90 day fiancé people watch the episode IN ITS ENTIRETY
I don’t wanna watch that!

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It’s five months today until my birthday, I wonder if we’ll be allowed out by then :thinking:

Went out for my walk - went in a different direction this time through a park and university area. I swear I was the only one to attempt to maintain some distance between people passing - I spent most of my time darting out into the road to avoid runners running two a breast. So many people running in twos giving no option to keep a distance when you pass - what’s wrong with people. I actually shouted at a couple of people but I think they had earphones in.

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Went out for a little walk round towards the river near the flat. Also went to the little Tesco for my “essential shop” :flushed: (sorry really fancied ice cream)

lovely sunset

Some boats


The foxes must be loving the empty streets and full bins


Trying, and failing, to out a stairgate up. Had veggie pasta Bolognese for tea. Was nice. Nothing going on this eve. Bored, as per.


10 minutes on the treadmill earlier. Decided my potential trip to the supermarket isn’t essential enough, but will probably need to go out tomorrow to get anti-histamines as a minimum.

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that’s a relief, that I happened to make the one true dal myself the other night!


Done my walk. I live in a fantasy land.


it’s hard to know. but then you’re also an incredibly self-sacrificing person in your own tight spot, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

(and yes, it just felt right :smiley: )


The One Show is absolutely losing it. Can’t wait to see the state of the show in three weeks time.

making some dinner, looking forward to dipping all the food i make in @colossalhorse garlic chilli sauce. :heart_eyes: :+1:


how so?

I think I just want to see the This Time With Alan Partridge take on the crisis, myself

I really need to get me some of hoss’s sauces