is it evening on the 25th of March 2020 yet?

this translates reeeal nice to acoustic

if I was feeling more confident, I might try doing a vaguely Jason Molina take on it

Mrs NY a Dylan head, requested this gem to start.

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See how far you can get through Joey.


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ahh man I love this community of people, I appreciate you all so much. I know I’m tough to deal with at times, thanks for all the welcoming. Love all you guys.


What time is it said the judge
To Joey when they met
5 to 10 said Joey
Judge said that’s exactly what you get


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Still really pissed at that Dylan HGATR rating

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poor joey

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same same same

been such a nice feeling dipping in and out of the thread tonight :green_heart:

love you brother, so glad your back.

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One of the all time greatest voices, imbued every song with this cutting melancholy and felt like he was singing to you directly. Countless hard nights in my twenties were made better by the comfort of his songs. Still hurts that he is gone


New album coming out in april!!

What??? No way?

so fucking sorry, I meant Jason Isbell who I know you like as well. Jesus what a mistake.

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Hah no worries, got all excited there was some kind of posthumous release coming

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Good god I hope so, I was listening to Electric Magnolia Company the other day and was getting a tad teary


Rosemary combed her hair and took a cabbage into town

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What a song though

Fucking real anger there


Oh and just in case there’s anyone who’s never heard this, you owe it to yourself to listen to it:

Edit: it’s even got some Boss on it


Mrs Ny " Talking to your internet friends again"

Me" Sorry yes dear"

Mrs Ny " Tell Funky I said hello"

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: