is it evening on the 25th of March 2020 yet?


Should have gone to bed ages ago, thanks for the chat folks, see you another time!


Apologies to all who wake up in the evening thread with 200 missed posts.

Ole NY has been good at recently, just too many good people talking about good music I couldn;t resist.


you spent much time with the new DBT record?
didnt catch me yet really. there’s a couple of good cooley tracks but there were a bunch of hood ones where he just repeats the title of the song for the chorus and it feels a bit uninspired.

Got to be honest with you didn’t really get on with me after two listens similar to you. None of the Hood tracks resonated really. But Cooley on ‘Grievous Merchants’ is a track and a half.

EDIT: After hearing the opener “Rosemarys With a Bible and a Gun” I thought it would be epic. Real good track, but the flow never resonated.

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i like rosemary… but it’s a strange one to open up the album with, innit. like you say there’s not a proper arc to the record, bit disjointed. can’t all be winners I guess.

just listening again now I’m really digging slow
ride argument
tho. fun when songs have two chorus bits

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I’m actually re-listening now again now that the Mrs has fallen asleep :slight_smile:

Thoughts and Prayers a good track, I’m just a sucker for that pedal steel.


their playing is always lovely innit. think that one is too similar to guns of umpqua for me to give it a fair hearing probably.

now that is a ***** song.

We’re all standing in the shadows of our noblest intentions of something more

good idea! night pal

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Armageddon’s back in town is decent and apt.

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I’m honoured.