Is it evening yet?

Managed to get on a different train back from London than my colleagues, got 2 seats to myself, a bag of train beers and Zelda on the Switch. Pretty, pretty, good.



Train beer classic

Having lasagna for tea and trying to go to bed early


Tonight is essay deadline for my night class.

In other work news, there appears to be a load of student stuff happening on Twitter over allegations about one of the students (not one of mine.) It’s unpleasant.


Evening imips. Had chicken and roast potatoes for tea followed be a raspberry palmier. Going to go out for a walk around the local loch and then maybe watch a bit of the football with my dad. Got tomorrow off (woo!) not sure what to do.

I wish I had train beer or house beer. Work beer is not encouraged.


probably going to go see that new batman movie or whatever. not really into the idea but I agreed to it for some reason

Dunno whether to see Tropic of Cancer in Hackney tonight

Haven’t done that much and feel like doing something

Oh it’s raining. Maybe not.

Evening! Made 3 bean chilli in the slow cooker so had that for early tea then went to get a bunch of snacks from the Polish supermarket to preempt more hunger/boredom later. Working through Cunk On Britain now, fucking brilliant.

hi imipolx

and etc. on the way home i was stuck right behind a 20mph lorry on the back roads. being the ultra chilled cool lester smooth that i am i just rolled down the window and turned the power hour up to eleven.

then he knocked down a tree


Read White Noise until just before the football starts.

Then making some burrito/wrap things with m&s beetroot wraps.

Solitary house beer (Lervig - grapefruit lucky jim, if you care) whilst watching the football.

I could go for one of those :yum: Wish I’d bought some train snacks.

I’m feeling sorry for myself cos I’ve got a shitty cold and my nose is running. :weary:
Gonna have some spicy Spanish pepper thing with potatoes and chorizo.

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You get percy pigs when you get train beers, this is basic stuff.

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White Noise has been on my to read pile for ages. Read Underworld a few years ago and really enjoyed that.

I know. I had 5 minutes before the train left, panicked and just grabbed the beers.

Get something nice at the other end

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i watched YOU (you know who you are) like and then unlike this in real time.

it’s ok though. i hold no grudges.

Very much enjoying it so far, was expecting it to be harder to read for some reason. Might seek out some more DeLillo afterwards.