Is it evening?


Working til 8, gonna go and pick up my misery dinner box and then head out for a beer or two. Might play zelda for a bit before bed. Life aint so bad I guess.

Work til 7.
Drop TV off at the gym.
Shop for dinner.
Cook dinner.
Eat dinner.
Watch some 'flix.
Watch some 'flix.

wot bounce u watchin on flix pal

We’re watching season 2 of The Good Place right now. Not as strong as season 1, but Kristen B and Teddy D are both very watchable.

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got a few days left for the bfi player free trial so I’ll probably watch Dogtooth and maybe something else. going to drink some beer


Love dogtooth

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where we gonna go for beers btw? got any good shouts?

you seen it before?

Evening. Eaten stir fry. No plans. Might play some video games, might play some guitar, might just sit quietly until it’s time for bed. Dunno.

Love sitting quietly


nope, I have not

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Good quezzy

Depends on how much you value having a wide selection of gins…

depends how louche you want me to be i guess, will settle for anywhere with a decent hoppy IPA tho

Dilemma, do I eat the ready meal I want to eat or the ready meal that expires today (I’m out tommoz)

good movie in my opinion


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Lovely day. Made it to Sainsbury’s just in time for the pastries to still be warm, then the computer systems at work stopped working so we all got to doss about for the last two hours.

Now I have a beer and a pizza.

Hi Eric & etc.

I need to plan tomorrow tonight. Got to be at a conference in Excel. May also send an email to a colleague this evening to tell him he’s being an idiot and doing the wrong thing when he should know better. No other plans.

Feels like there is an important item missing from your list, will you not be picking your tv up from the gym also, or is she staying there all night? (or else making her way home)

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