Is it evening?


That’s a job for tomorrow. Hope you’re feeling a bit more settled this evening FL


Crap day, as per.

Might actually watch Westworld tonight, though first I am going to do some very quick baking to use up some over-ripe bananas before they go over-over-ripe.


Thanks, feeling a little better simply by just attempting to ignore everything and let it be piled on for future Flashinglight to deal with as I can’t handle it at the moment.


Evening. Had a lovely if slightly maddening day catching up with one of my ATDs. Took about 3 hours to get out the house with her baby and toddler - how people do it I don’t know. Baby also vomited a full stomach of milk down her cleavage :face_vomiting:

Now sat in a sad and lonely airport travelodge where my only food options are the hotel cafe. :neutral_face:


She would have walked home but she’s bailed on going altogether. Everything is in flux!


Playing a poker tourney I qualified for last night after falling asleep about an hour before it ended. Having a few beers and stressing about returning to work after few days off mainly


'jamas on, hanging out with the cat.


@Kallgeese I’ve been quite shocked by all the referendum posters I’ve seen everywhere. I’d especially like to see the data behind one of the claims that ‘1 in 5 UK pregnancies ends in abortion’.


It’s pretty crazy isn’t it? Really worried that those images and fake stats will hugely influence people.

Here’s a good article from an Irish website about that poster in particular.


Yeah, screw future FL. :wink:

Hope you feel more relaxed soon x


About to watch avengers, paid extra to see it in 2d


Overnight train to the big smoke. Pretty knackered so guess i’ll sleep.

Vegan food at Stereo first.



pizza for tea. yas.

I’m going to have the last of my special cakes and listen to the new sleep and thou records in a minute.

I’ve been surreptitiously promoted into a supervisor role at work, except I’m not getting paid more, in fact I’m getting paid less because I have to stop working cause people keep asking me questions. stressed as man, can’t handle it.


Could you not go to the airport for a few better choices?


Must say I’m surprised those statistics are so high. I can see those posters swaying a lot of undecideds, unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:


Can’t walk as I’m on a ring road, already spent about €40 on taxis today :grimacing:


Hmm maybe you could convince a takeaway to deliver?


I’m just gonna brave the cafe, how bad could a travelodge cafe be? :thinking:


I would prefer it if you didn’t find out.


Dublin Airport is quite a hostile enviroment for pedestrians, really difficult to walk around.