Is it Friday evening yet?

Hello everyone

I’ve had a boring day of watching training videos. How are you all?

Was Thomas the Tank Engine in any of them?

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In a small grump

Gonna make a new cocktail, maybe get a Thai from round the corner. Watch some mood lifting horrors as endorsed by @Witches

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Getting older is total balls eh?

No, and I think I would rather have watched videos about actual trains

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Hi. Great birthday* so far! Going to make halloumi burgers now.


Was that * meant to lead anywhere

Yeah it’s not actually my birthday.

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Good evening froglet, Good evening all!

Just ordered Local Indian for dinner.

The dog is doing my head in because he wants to play with his squeaky ball, even though he spent all afternoon playing with it.

I retract my like

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Mr Local Indian just rang back to say it’ll be after 8pm for a delivery, so I am now going to pick up the Local Indian.

Can have a cheeky poppadom as a driving snack

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Watched a weekend away yesterday which was good so i want to watch something else today. Also bought a fancy slice of japanese strawberry cake to cheer myself up and will eat it later. Feel very rough and dehydrated and just very down though :sleepy: idk what to do about it

Kinda wish I looked like Marcus Wareing

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Kicking it Brum style for 36 hours. Just ate a pizza and now were going to do something else.

Ten minutes away from home made mac and cheese


Chips are great, aren’t they? Of all the carbs, surely they’re the best


Had a pizza

Taking dog for a walk in a bit



That is all.

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