Is it Friday evening yet?

evenall. didn’t get to spain for my cycling trip in the end :frowning: but i still have a long weekend (sat-mon) to enjoy and it’s lovely weather here so allllll the cycling shall be done. currently digesting pasta, drinking beer and listening to this at ferociously loud volumes. phuq me, this new version of the wildhearts’ 2nd album is an absolute masterpiece. i knew all the songs inside out, but the way it flows… chef’s kiss

Don’t know them at all, what’s it like?

Keep hearing stuff and thinking you’d like it btw, might need to keep a list

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think as much as anything it’s that I’ve only been playing for a few years…

maybe Bogdan Bogdanovic? not sure how much you’ll have seen of him, but he seems sort of relatable

Tbh I get the Bogdans mixed up (like most of the commentators too probs lol)

hard to describe them, ultra-melodic pop thrash prog metal perhaps? one of the nineties’ greatest bands, a favourite from my youth that remains with me still

yeah Bogdan and Bojan, always getting mixed up

Bogdan is maybe quicker with better handles?

both snipers

my style of play is quite Euroleague because I have to be pragmatic. fundamentals :upside_down_face:

The Little Fundamental, to pair well with Duncan?

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I shall give them a go tomorrow

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TBH listen to “Earth Vs. The Wildhearts” first

fun fact: Mick Ronson played a solo on one of the songs, and it was the last thing he ever recorded before his death

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or The Little Ticket, because nobody would come and watch me play

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:smiley: all timer name


Watching pieces of her and can’t get this song out of my head, it was everywhere when I was I first year at uni

Ted Lasso seems nice

Ais there anywhere that plays, you know, nu metal or the pop punk?

Out with the young crew but am getting bored of baggy music

I’m back. And ready to do it all. Over. Again.

Remember when she had that miming mishap and hopped about for a bit :pensive: bless her

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Arived at Subside. Maaan this is like a southern rock bar, eh? Seem fun

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Had a moment tonight where I got introduced to some lad and he was like “oh I know yeah, we’ve met before!”
But to me I’d never seen him in my life. Apparently met a few weeks ago but zero memory. Knew that I support Liverpool so just chatted about that.

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