Is it Friday yet?

Yes. Speak.

If it’s not actually Friday I’m going to be very upset

Thursday II

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Alright Arcade Fire


Ummm morning.

Daughter’s 4th birthday today. So obviously I’m going to work. Had a nice morning opening presents and lots of excitement though. Also, last day of work for a full week. It’s all coming up rich-thouse


What about Radiohead? I bet they are better. :joy:

Pretty amazing news. Best wishes to her. I would love to be a father of a beautiful girl one day.

Drinking coffee and listening to Interpol and gearing myself up mentally to take a 4 year old to the Oceanarium. After that prolly just hit the beach or ride on a little mini train or sumfink idk mate!

Good grief, I’m late for work. Why did i think going to the office was a good idea?

Poor Fig is still ill and M just fell off her scooter which prompted an existential crisis about wanting to quit school. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

However! I’m in a really good mood :relaxed:


Going to ikea :roll_eyes:

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Just went from a glorious walk and bought some pastries and a fresh juice from the nice guy who sells them outdoors at the weekend.

Just ate one of these and feel a bit ill but in a good way. Hard to see here but they’re enormous.


Morning all!

Today is some kind of local holiday so I’m off work. I’m going out for some food with colleagues later and Wor Lass is in Edinburgh meeting up with her best ATD so got our babysitter coming.

I’ll be recording my Dissonance show at some point and possibly buying a Subway for lunch. There’s an engineer coming to fit a smart meter in a bit.

Gooood morning :coffee:

Dunno how the cat does it. I go to bed and the living room is tidy and I come down in the morning and she’s managed to spray litter everywhere and spit food into her fountain, so I’ll be rectifying both of those things shortly.

I think I should be having a fun delivery from my wine subscription box later, always nice.

Sun’s out which is a treat. Also seeing the bob’s burgers film with my friend later, and then most likely getting burgers after. V excited for that. Got a cracking little outfit planned that includes knee high boots so also excited to shimmy about in that.

Finished bojack horseman last night though :broken_heart:

Happy birthday to mini-t! Four is a lovely age :heart_eyes_cat: hope has a magical day

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Was dreading people being cross at work but no one was cross. I’m such a scared toddler inside :tired_face:

Anyway, think the rest of the work day is going to be fiiiine. Weather is good. Woke up soaking wet, again. Fucking night sweats man. Dunno if it’s illness or anxiety at this point.

My GF is back from NYC tonight, but not till gone 11. She’s coming straight round to mine from the coach though which is really sweet. Hopefully I won’t be asleep on the sofa


Approved for a work visa in the US so i’m celebrating with a cappuccino and a salmon and cream cheese bagel. Decided to go into the office because it’s near enough to the embassy and nobody’s here to open up until 10. Tsk, just cant get the staff these days can you.


Can I come too please? :sparkles:

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Today is finally the big house move day.

Got some men with ven here, who are currently playing Tetris with our stuff in the back of van number one. Feel bad just standing around watching but I’d imagine it’s better for everyone involved that we stay out the way and leave them to it.

Hoping all the money related shit is sorted out efficiently so we aren’t sitting around for hours waiting for keys.

Bought a present for the little girl who is moving in cos we’re nice like that


All of the power in my house is off for an hour.

I’m a bit bored.

Morning DiS!

Today’s my friday, because I’m an office drone like that.

It’s absolutely Bill Withers (Lovely Day edition) out there so I’m already wondering when I can slope off to lunch and sit outside the pub in the sun.

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How many full days of work have you actually done this month Keith?

(for the record - absolutely not a judgement on striking whatsoever. Solidarity for that)

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