Is it Friday?


Gonna drop the wee man at nursery, work like a beaver on work work and then work like a trojan on house stuff. Work.

Might reward myself with a beer later.

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My bezzi has given birth to a baby boy :slight_smile:


Hurrah. Have they named him something suitably badass?



Morning. Room service woke me up by mistake at 6:30 so I’ve just been lying awake since then. Got a full on day trying to cure covid then a long drive home.


Morning. Last day of half the kids in class and half at home mad juggling act. Going on a walk this afternoon and then it’s collapse time.

Have a mega Friday all x


Good name.

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Last day of home schooling

Hold me

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Hold Steady weekend :partying_face:

Back to work. On the late. Babby only work up once during the night :tada:


Finally! Not to put any pressure on you but if you wouldn’t mind :smiley:
(Always laugh reading stuff like this cause I like to think I’m doing my bit by barely going out and wearing a mask when I do, etc, but then see your/other people’s posts and it’s like “ah… I am doing nothing to help in comparison” :grin:)

Morning everyone :coffee:


Gonna have my Ready Brek and then go for a bike ride.

Hopefully get my Covid test result back today and find out what I’m doing at work next week.

To be fair there’s probably a thousand people working on my study so I’m only doing a tiny part too.

Are they thinking



Went bacon bap this morning, they didn’t skimp on the bacon


Where’s the sauce?

I have 4 holiday days to use up by the end of March so I’m gonna take each Friday off this month, starting today

Was planning on spending the day in my studio - a windowless concrete basement - but that seems a massive shame given that it’s cloudless and sunny outside. It’s also -7.C so it will be both freezing out of doors and pretty cold in the studio too

There’s really nothing else to do on my day off though

Really fucking bored of Covid now

Not at all!

There’s two sachets of ketchup on there!


Should be getting out for a bike really but I don’t think my poor old body can cope with the cold