Is it gonna rain in the next hour Y/N


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  • N

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It’s already raining

any idea which direction it’s moving in?

has been pishin here all day chief

  • it’s already raining

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current weather

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Downwards, from the sky

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on one hand i’d like it to rain because we’ve just put some weed-killing grass seed (??) on both lawns and it needs to rain for it to work

on the other i want to get out on the bike so PLEASE DON’T RAIN UNTIL 8PM THANKS

wanna go out for a run but it’s muggy af so rain might actually be nice but then again might not

you can see the bind i’m in

what a bind!

i think i’m going to forget about the weather and eat some yogurt

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7 minutes left to go, no sign of rain yet

few spots in Cardiff, it’s ok though, I’ve just taken the washing in.

well you were all wrong, thanks for nothin!

Voted Yes but then I checked the forecast and now I have updated it to No

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Drowned In Cows