Is it halfway through the year list/album rec's time?

I think it is!

What have been your favourite albums this year so far? What has disappointed you? What has pleasantly surprised you?

I think my top 5 for the year so far is

• press club (yeah I know it’s technically 2018, but it wasn’t released here/Spotify until 2019)
• little Simz
• Tyler, The Creator
• Weyes Blood
• Petrels

Have also hugely enjoyed: Carly Rae Jepsen, Dawn Richard, slowthai, Dave, Self Esteem, The Japanese House

Biggest disappointment for me was The National. It’s too long and I can’t really distinguish a lot of the songs from each other.

Biggest surprise was probably Billie Elilish. Really wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do.

What else is coming out this year that you’re excited for? I’m beyond hyped for Blanck Mass



Top 5 rn

Le Butcherettes - Bi/MENTAL
Nivhek - Towards Its Own Death
Vaura - Sables
William Basinski - On Time Out of Time
Zvi - Deer Pink

slightly worried the new TFS will be rubbish. Pretty standard that kayo dot’s album will be no. 1 by year’s end.

Probs enjoyed Julia jacklin, big thief and weyes blood the most so far this year.


And carly, obvsssssss

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It’s been a good year for music so far! Spielbergs, Charly Bliss, Vampire Weekend. Broken Social Scene, Big Theif, Westkust,The National have all released good albums.

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I don’t feel like it has the variation that Emotion had and I think it suffers a little bit for it, and it is definitely more subdued too


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Yeah it hasn’t got the bombast of emotion (or the b sides which are pound for pound better imo). But it’s filled with little earworms and nice little production touches, great low key bangers for cleaning the house or driving to.

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2 chainz
pivot gang

Always worried about declaring a bands return to form ahead of time but the new hold steady stuff has all sounded very promising

Slightly arbitrary order…

  1. Madonnatron - Musica Alla Puttanesca
  2. Holly Herndon - Proto
  3. International Teachers Of Pop - International Teachers Of Pop
  4. Stealing Sheep - Big Wows
  5. Self Esteem - Compliments Please

Good year so far :+1:

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Billie Elish
Ariana Grande

Denzel Curry
American football

Why have you made a double album:
Vampire weekend


Too right

Big Thief
Weyes Blood
Tyler The Creator

Probably enjoyed that Flatworms EP the most of my listening’s so far this year. Honorary mention to the Beirut LP I was not expecting to enjoy this much

Some favourites:
Holly Herndon
Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan
Aldous Harding
Cate Le Bon

Little Simz - my fave hiphop album for an age
Billie Eilish - my fave BigPop for an age

International Teachers of POP - ticks the right boxes but just didn’t quite work for me

Excited For:
I never have any idea what’s coming out until the weekly new music threads here!

These are the ones that are definitely going to stick for me.

Biggest surprises: Pedro the Lion, Pile, and SASAMI. I thought Pedro the Lion was going to be an ok reunion album but instead it’s a band operating at its peak. Pile I’d never listened to before but the new album might be the most interesting album of the year - definitely an AOTY contender at this point. It’s a must for anyone who likes Tropical Fuck Storm, QOTSA, Hot Snakes, and even Mars Volta. I have no idea why the SASAMI album isn’t getting more attention, the whole thing is fantastic - catchy, melodic, and atmospheric with a light shoegaze touch. There aren’t any filler moments, it’s great start to finish.

Biggest disappointments: Silversun Pickups and Titus Andronicus. I actually like the Silversun Pickups album, but at the same time it’s not what I was hoping from them at all and some of the lyrics are a bit jarring. It’s well written alt-rock but it’s missing the urgency of their early stuff. I need more time with Titus Andronicus - so far it seems as if there are a couple good songs (Tumult Around the World is the standout), a couple bad ones (My Body and Me is excruciating), and a bunch that isn’t sticking. It doesn’t feel anywhere close to the level of TMLT, The Monitor, or TAoG, or even Local Business.

Excited for: Billy Corgan solo album, the new Pumpkins album if it comes out this year, the new Strange Ranger, and Tropical Fuck Storm. I guess Sleater-Kinney too but I’ve tempered my expectations after hearing they’re singing about phones.

Overall it feels kind of like a disappointing year so far, at least on the heavy side.


Aldous Harding, Weyes Blood, Carly Rae Jepsen, Twilight Sad, Sharon Van Etten, Ariana Grande, Big Thief and I’m really loving the new Bill Callahan.

Yet to really really like a rap album from this year unfortunately. Enjoyed slowthai and Tyler’s but both have been relatively forgettable imho.

I very strongly disagree with this


Really want something that’s gonna knock my bollocks off this year like Rolo Tomassi did


Fontaines D.C.
(these 2 are streets ahead of everything else for me, at the moment. Petrels is gorgeous)
Helado Negro
Kőlsch fabric

Billie Eilish - 6 or 7 songs are great.
Slowthai and Little Simz - quality British rap

Aldous Harding - loved Party, but just dont yet this album. It leaves me completely cold.
Holly Herndon - the concept was better than the listening experience for me, although it seemed loved on here.