Is it just me or..

Does Yorkshire Tea taste piss weak nowadays? Gonna have to start double baggin it.

  • I don’t know what you’re talking about
  • Yeah you’re right, it does
  • I’m already double baggin
  • I’m a triple bagger

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No it’s still great

Oh wait, I did have to get a new kettle recently and it was a different kind than the last one. Could that be it??

Different kind? Is it one that doesn’t boil water?

(I don’t drink Yorkshire Tea so I can’t really comment, sorry.)


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I think its the same. I leave the bag in, to the horror of my co workers. Could try that?

Also maybe your tea tolerance has increased.

All tea tastes the same, it’s about how frisky your tongue’s feeling


How long do you steep for? Never been much of a tea drinker but I have noticed that giving a full five minutes really makes a difference compared to the two minutes I used to steep for.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve cheapened up the original and now the old original is the Gold though.

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