Is it lunchtime yet?

probably going to have a burrito aren’t it? could do a standard, dependable freebird one but i’m sorta tempted by this bullshit jeremys_iron ‘indian burrito’ option from a place nearby, probably a bad shout tbh.

wbu huns?

was gonna get a post office curry but cannot be fucked to leave the building.

salad? sausage roll + soup?

god, i’m depressed

surprisingly good offerings in the post office on london wall, normally go for “a bit of all the veggie ones”



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was in boots so got a meal deal (some sort of haloumi wrap), but fancied a side salad so went to sainsbos and got one.

such a lunch hero.

It’s not quite terrible - haven’t overdone the cranberry - but I don’t approve at all of spreadable stuffing.

4 onion bhajis and half a bag of popcorn


haloumi in my wrap has NOT been grilled.


brought a sandwich from home

cheddar, baby spinach, slice of gherkin, cherry toms and a bit of mayo on Hovis Granary (thick sliced)

A solid 7/10 - but I’m going to need a snack before I go to Yoga

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Buffalo cauliflower wraps.

I haven’t eaten any meat since Saturday and I’m having nut roast tonight.

hashtag accidental veggie


Getting dominoes in the office today m9s :pizza:

Linda mac sausage sandwich.

God, I dunno.

Very tempted by the ‘Swiss’ burger, in one of the only memorable instances where relentless television advertising has had an effect on me

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak with spiced omelet and sides of chilli sambal dressing and peanuts.



just to confirm i went with a regular burrito. take that, irons.

it’s someone’s last day so we all went for a big cheesy pizza and some rosé :pizza: :wine_glass: :yum: