Is it lunchtime yet?

Well, is it?

Still 23 hours to go

Is it lunchtime?

  • Yay
  • Nay

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Would eat

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thank you gp for just getting on with it and dispensing with the wise cracks!

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Waiting for the tv to get to islington so I can go for lunch, 'mon! Had a stunt lunch of a packet of salt and vin mccoys at midday though taps nose

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not until 3.30pm. planning to get the Tesco meal deal. honey mustard chicken/tuna crunch, protein bar and a Ribena please.

That’s a tremendously late lunch chief. What gives?

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I just had a Bourgeois pot noodle. OK/10

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10 - 6 shift this week so I always take the late lunch, less to do when I get back.

hate the psychological games we have to play to get through the day.

Had a Boots meal deal for the first time in years. Bit of a letdown all told:

  • No breakfast triples, so had to go with chicken and bacon

  • Lucozade is now full of sweeteners

  • I’m not going on a train journey

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Ah fair enough, I do something similar by starting early. Get back from lunch normally with a couple of hours of the day to go.

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you’ve had a nightmare there, mate. three bean wrap, packet of squares and naked smoothie every time

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You literally could not be more wrong. You could try, but you would not succeed.

I’ve got a cookie dough brownie that I’ll have in a bit with a cup of tea.

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East Anglian baked potato with tuna mayo. Some fruit.

I’m still hungry. I’ve been eating better for two whole days now, why am I not thin and beautiful yet ffs

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leftover spicy mince and kale


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lunchtime is OVER my friend

@moderators - close this thread

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10 edits, japes? 10?


Yeah no ‘e’ mate.