Is it lunchtime yet?


Well, is it?


Still 23 hours to go


Is it lunchtime?

  • Yay
  • Nay

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Had leftover tagliatelle with asparagus and peas and cream cheese

Was good, now just want to take a nap though


Would eat


thank you gp for just getting on with it and dispensing with the wise cracks!


Waiting for the tv to get to islington so I can go for lunch, 'mon! Had a stunt lunch of a packet of salt and vin mccoys at midday though taps nose


Has a red Thai curry, now sitting in a bench listening to laughing stock and drinking a can of Coke , will be difficult to go back to work


not until 3.30pm. planning to get the Tesco meal deal. honey mustard chicken/tuna crunch, protein bar and a Ribena please.


That’s a tremendously late lunch chief. What gives?


I just had a Bourgeois pot noodle. OK/10


10 - 6 shift this week so I always take the late lunch, less to do when I get back.

hate the psychological games we have to play to get through the day.


Had a Boots meal deal for the first time in years. Bit of a letdown all told:

  • No breakfast triples, so had to go with chicken and bacon

  • Lucozade is now full of sweeteners

  • I’m not going on a train journey


Boots have the best meal deal cakes but their sandwiches are terrible


Ah fair enough, I do something similar by starting early. Get back from lunch normally with a couple of hours of the day to go.


you’ve had a nightmare there, mate. three bean wrap, packet of squares and naked smoothie every time


You literally could not be more wrong. You could try, but you would not succeed.


I’ve got a cookie dough brownie that I’ll have in a bit with a cup of tea.


East Anglian baked potato with tuna mayo. Some fruit.

I’m still hungry. I’ve been eating better for two whole days now, why am I not thin and beautiful yet ffs


That one is good, I regularly buy their red velvet cake as a standalone item