Is it lunchtime yet?

Not until the weekend anyway

someone on the same shift as me just said they’ll take the 1pm slot. absolute schoolyard error there.

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it looks wrong both ways

Co op might be the least inspiring vegetarian lunch meal deal.
Egg, tomato and spinach sandwich
Vegetable crisps
Green smoothie nonsense

I only just got this

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Oh mate :grimacing: :disappointed:


fuckin HATE that song

Havent thought about it in 20 years tbf

i saw speed 2: cruise control was on yesterday(?) and was like oh shit cruise control is a pun

not sure if i already knew that or just figured it out though

Is it tho


Isnt it just a double entendre

I’ll double your etc

Still waiting on my wife so we can go eat. I’m wasting away here gp!

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Aye that has kept me going tbf. Ready for the main event now though innit!

Solid lunching there. What’s in the pod sanga m9?