Is it lunchtime yet?


Still waiting on my wife so we can go eat. I’m wasting away here gp!


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Thought you had a sneaky snack though EH???



Aye that has kept me going tbf. Ready for the main event now though innit!


Solid lunching there. What’s in the pod sanga m9?


Top stuff bro


mozza, tommo and avo


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freshly cooked homemade chorizo scotch egg from Cardiff market. Stall called Holy Yolks. Absolutely stunning. Check it out if you are in the area.

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I bet it had a runny yolk.

How are runny yolks on non-fresh scotch eggs not a virulent salmonella risk? One you’ve ordered and that’s been cooked fresh is fine, but one that’s been sitting in a chiller cabinet all day? I’d rather have an 80s style hard yolk scotch egg.


Had a lamb flatty-b from Moro in the end, 10 on 10.






Fingers crossed I don’t keel over. Will report back tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Let’s hope you do!

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you spell it with it E in the countries with E in their name