Is it monday evening yet?

it’s still bloody light outside. is masterchef on? it better be. i just had a nap, gonna eat green curry soon. wbu?

Still at work. Had a 3hr meeting about some heavy stuff today and it’s made me feel crap. Somebody find me a job pls.

cooking shows are the new cycling

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I too am making mash potato, except it’s from one of those pouches you get in the supermarket fridge. Gonna have it with rocket and large mushrooms and mushy peas.

Made a Scandinavian-style Easter egg because I saw it off of here


enjoy cooking show to work at Reading


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My sudden dead leg got worse. Struggling to walk on it now. Feel a bit nauseous as well. Am I gonna die?

Just went and donated blood and feel a bit weird now, it took longer than usual and then I kept bleeding afterwards and had to get the wound redressed

Gonna make some mushroom soup for dinner and maybe unpack from my work trip

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RIP gianthorse

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Oh. Oh no.

I’d tell you I had a good run but I don’t wanna insult your intelligence.

I’ve got a toddler telling me that it’s not his bedtime. Odds on me getting to listen to the new Cavern of Anti Matter LP tonight are looking slim :confused:

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almost certainly. was nice knowing ya pal!

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That vinegar diet not working out then?

did my job interview earlier. they asked loads of questions i wasn’t expecting and it threw me off so i don’t think my answers were what they were looking for and i waffled a lot. also i couldn’t think of good examples for some of them (until immediately after leaving the interview obviously) as they asked a lot of similar questions so i kept finding i’d talk about one thing in one question and then find it would have fit another question better.

why can’t interviewers send you the list of questions in advance? wouldn’t that be easier?


Unless this is a prelude to me suddenly losing a stone and becoming much more powerful it’s not looking like a success story.

Would you mind avenging my death by killing xylo, preferably in some kind of ironically vinegary manner?

About to cook dinner.

Should we just have him pickled?


Still at work :cry:
:rage: buns for dinner

Would someone like to switch lives with me please?

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That works for me. Especially if someone says, “well xylo, looks like you’re in quite the pickle aren’t you?”

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