Is it Mother's day this weekend?



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no. it is mothers’ day though!! :rofl: :joy:


Oh you!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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It’s funny because apostrophes

Cheers Tone

@moderators you can lock this down now if you want. Or not.

Technically, is it not “Mothering Sunday”?

I know there’s little tolerance for pedantry on here.

I had a catastrophe with an apostrophe.

Are there any other “…trophe” words?

Gonna need a full stop on that sentence, cowboy! :joy:

Your wish is my command.

Nope but it is Le Tournoi

Kill Jester.


They don’t look like actual words, so I’m happy with just the two.


No it isn’t.


And women’s day today!

It’s so unfair! Why isn’t there an entitled white heterosexual mans day!

Well this Sunday is my dad’s birthday, so I’m kind of struggling with this a bit.