Is it not tuesday evening?


I have to restring my guitar, if you know what I mean lol :wink: dunno what’s for tea yet coz i need to go to the shop but probably some shite pasta or something. wbu? Need to catch up on joel and maggie show too.


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today is my friday, sort of. getting a takeaway I believe.

Just put a couple of bakey taytos in the oven. Will have with beans and cheese in approx 60 minutos.

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Lot of jackie p chat lately, might pick some up but can i be arsed to wait 60 mins? Signs point to no.


Normally just microwave em for 5 mins but ovening them as a treat

If you’re gonna m-wave, surely you need to crisp them up in the oven still?


Evening all!

Had a veggie finger sandwich (bbq sauce and Encona) and some mixed vegetables, followed by a HXB and some blueberries for tea.

I still have work to finish for tomorrow so will do that after putting The Child to bed.

Really good day today, though it was significantly marred by having a series of depressing non-meals.

Just looked up to see the Asda delivery driver (not mine) stood at my window looking in to see if Fig’s here.
Oh… hi :wave: * draws curtains *

Went on a 30 min bike ride to sell someone €6 worth of trading cards

Deeply silly

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Nah, they’re alright as a quick dinner

Went bouldering with my pal

My arms and shoulders and wrists are burning but its really nice to do exercise with someone isn’t it. I should do it every day, probably the secret to not having bad mental health


10k on the exercise bike before tea

  • do it
  • don’t do it

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Turns out my bf is not away for 5 but SEVEN bloody nights, waaah. I’ve just topped up my solo food shop with more treats.

Nice things I will do for myself over the next 7 days:

  • Finally get round to using my halloween themed bath bombs.
  • Finally get round to making some chai @inthedusk
  • Watch not one, not two, BUT THREE new horror films.
  • Finally get round to actually properly doing some art stuff in the evenings instead of getting too drunk at the weekend and rendering myself useless for the rest of it :laughing:
  • Put up my new tile I bought a wee while ago in the living room.
  • Do my nails with the new gross green colour I bought.
  • Start my detox i.e. make some smoothies that are 90% spinach and go on my bike for the first time in 50 years.



Just made chicken and nduja parmigiana burger


Getting pizza and fried chicken from a new place, exciting. T minus 50 minutes

That H, what a prick

I need to get myself some of the jar that has the granny on it, been meaning to for months

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walking my bike to launderette as the rear derailleur fully gave up on my way

a concerned young woman stopped to ask if I was okay and I didn’t know what to say because there is/was nothing to be done in the moment

think my tatty/holey + full-up rucksack plus the weathered bag for life also full of washing (and maybe what I’m wearing) must have made it seem like I was sleeping rough. feel weird now

Made Mac cheese for dinner

R is on work experience this week, with me, was asleep on the way home at 5.30 :rofl:

Dog walk and a sit down (marking tests) later

Get him doing your break duty and you can have a cup of tea instead