Is it not tuesday?

Woss goin on?

On my way into work early. Not had breakfast or coffee yet. Grumble. Anything exciting happening today?

Going to maybe buy the baby a Halloween costume

I hate Halloween, what am I doing


Oh god I’m so tired, I’m never going to bed after midnight again.

Going to nip to corner shop to get some kitchen roll and an energy drink (fuck knows I need one).

Looking forward to going to bed.

Got a meeting in the office at 9 and my waterproofs aren’t waterproof enough for the walk in so I’m on the bus, it’s so full, people are stood upstairs and down and 3 of us are wearing masks and there’s like 1 window open.

Wish our CEO had to get the bus to work instead of driving in in his landrover or whatever, might decide not to force us into the office if so.

Anyway, not going to make that meeting so going out of my way for a nice chai before I have my objectives setting with my manager :upside_down_face:

Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa, someone’s tired.

I suggest: adult baby

(fake moustache)


Lil Pumpkin*

*v good rapper IMHO

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Just dropped the eldest at nursery, forgot her fees didn’t I :see_no_evil:. Not at work until 12, so lazy morning with The Wire and a cuppa. 4 day week and off next week. Woo

On the plus side, you can just leave her there until you want to give them the money.

Kids are quite like dry cleaning in that respect.


Fucking hell lads. Was driving to work behind someone very slow on a windy bit of road when some utter fuck behind me decided to overtake both of us while a car was coming the other way. They both had to swerve off the road to avoid each other and ended up in the hedge but was about half a second away from being a massive pile-up. Who the fuck is that keen to get to work that’s what I want to know.

No, I don’t think they are Keith

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Blimey, are you OK?


I’d better make sure I collect The Child tonight then…

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Yeah I’m alright thanks, just a bit shaken up thinking about what might have happened but mainly just angry at some dickhead for driving like a fool.


Had to cancel my leave next week so hoping to get a half day Thursday and Friday off but my manager is on some kind of course so dunno when she’s gonna confirm so that I can make proper plans :upside_down_face:

My god. Awful. Hope you’re okay m9

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When this happens to me i just take it anyway, but my manager has literally never approved a holiday for me since I’ve been on this team, took them anyway but they’re showing as pending on the system. Totally within your right to take it if you don’t get a response in my opinion (based on absolutely no legal/employment knowledge)



I’m going on a super special adventure

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Enjoy the mound


I’m lecturing all day and I’ve only had three (3) hours of sleep! Might have some coffee to really make things interesting!