Is it not tuesday?

michael scott face

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Bit harsh on @urbanfox

Is it though?

I dream of scaling the mound.

think my team is about to mutiny. so long, fair disers. i hardly knew ye.


got some frozen gyozas, should I:

  • boil em
  • fry em
  • stick em in a stew (boil em)

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I want to change my vote to defrost them then steam them (if you have a steamer)

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Follow the instructions on the packet

They usually have multiple options (either fry or steam,never seen boil)

Two mildly strange things have happened in the past couple of days. (I think I’ve been watching too much Fargo):

  1. Yesterday, I received a stamped, addressed letter in the post, to ‘the householder’. Inside, there was a hand-written letter (on Basildon Bond paper, no less!) from a Jehovah’s Witness. Not only had she gone to the trouble of writing this out by hand, she’d also written in blue letters, a bit like how it appears on here or elsewhere online! I don’t share her beliefs but I was quite touched by the effort she’d gone to. I’ve never received a hand-written religious tract before.
  2. Today, I lost my keys, just as I was heading out on the school run. This meant I had to leave the door on the latch (unlocked) and trust that nobody was going to attempt to enter our property whilst I was out. As I was leaving the house, a car pulled up, and two men came out, both in dark suits, one with shades and cropped mohawk hair, the other with some kind of cut to his face. Obviously this is where the Fargo thing kicked in and I shat myself a little, thinking that they’d been sent to fuck me up. Anyway, I walked through the front gate and down the road, and they disappeared. And I found my keys, and I didn’t get burgled, so all is good.
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Really in a grump today. Going to my atds later and am gonna order dessert delivery for when we watch GBBO.

Also it’s Misty’s birthday! But we haven’t done anything special really. She doesn’t seem to mind (for she is a dog and dogs have no concept of the passage of time)


Bad 24hours. Drinking an espresso Martini

Liked for Misty birthday and dessert, not for misery, I hope dessert and GBBO makes you feel better :slight_smile: xxx


Was really hoping 2 was gonna link back to 1

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Might need cheer up pizza.

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Aren’t JW massively evangelistic? I think I read somewhere that they believe only 20,000 JWs get to heaven, so if you want to get to heaven you don’t just have to be good, you have to be better than so many others.

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Well, watch this space.

It’s 144,000 (which is lifted directly from the book of Revelation as a literal interpretation) - and the rest get an “earthly paradise” rather than a heavenly one. Writing out your tracts on Basildon Bond paper is a baller move and almost certainly puts you in the top tier.

(To be fair, I thought it really sweet that someone had gone to that effort, even if it was fruitless).


I stand corrected. Still though, with every generation that passes, you’re less and less likely to get to heaven