Is it not tuesday?

On the plus side, that Chiltern Railway line’s gotta be the nicest one in the country (big soft spot for Moor Street too)

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You did the right thing.

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Moor Street and Marylebone compared to New Street and Euston is quite the contrast, I’ll admit.

Speaking of which. Goodbye London.

Wandered across Hyde Park to get the tube back to Euston and look what I happened across…

An hour and 20 minutes to see London’s two premiere attractions isn’t bad going. Even managed to pick up a train picnic for the ride home.


£6,000 for 4 gold covered scotch eggs and 4 cans of Coke


Are you on your way home already? Did you literally just go for the mound?

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The conductor will be along to sprinkle some salt on it shortly

Pretty much. I get free/very cheap train travel, so might as well take advantage of it to see these great wonders of the world.



Dear god what a sad little day


Just had a chat with my MD and he told me to slow down on various projects as we don’t want to overburden staff and we need to refocus on what we are currently doing.

Guessing the increase in staff turnover has turned heads more than me complaining that we are working people too hard.

Result i wanted, shame we’ve lost good people instead of dealing with it on time

thanks :relaxed:

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michael scott face

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Bit harsh on @urbanfox

Is it though?

I dream of scaling the mound.

think my team is about to mutiny. so long, fair disers. i hardly knew ye.


got some frozen gyozas, should I:

  • boil em
  • fry em
  • stick em in a stew (boil em)

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I want to change my vote to defrost them then steam them (if you have a steamer)

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Follow the instructions on the packet

They usually have multiple options (either fry or steam,never seen boil)