Is it ok that I've done no christmas shopping yet?

Think I’ll get it sorted in time?

(I hate christmas btw)



I wont start until the week before Christmas

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I never start before December payday.


Not doing any this year

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Yeah it’s November mate


Anyone who has started is not ok


honestly can’t remember what time you’re supposed to do it, especially with a pandemic going on

I started because I was ordering something for myself and wanted to get up to the free delivery threshold

I only have to buy 1 as usual for the secret santa with my pals. When we were in sixth form we were bankrupting ourselves buying for everyone, but we are smarter now

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me and my oldest brother had an unspoken pact that we wouldn’t buy each other presents but he got me something last year so now it’s one more thing to worry about

You should respect the pact :gift: :no_entry_sign:

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feel like if you’ve bought someone a christmas present already you should just give them it now and then give them something else for christmas

Nearly finished.

I’ve done none cos no one has told me what they want yet

Can I have a car?

Yes. It’s November

just in case you weren’t sure mate, it’s the currently 15th November and Xmas this year is on 25th December

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Literally haven’t thought about it yet, and I have three kids. Usually wait until December then do it all in one sitting.

very reassuring, thanks everybody!