Is it ok that I've done no christmas shopping yet?

I have sorted my niece out. Got some stuff for my eldest as have over bought for his birthday and have one thing for my wife. I’m usually further on than this.

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u ok hun

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I find this an odd thing to be judgemental about.

I start buying earlier because it is easier money-wise to spread things, it makes the anxiety of it more manageable if I can split it into stages, and also this year I’m thinking the strain on delivery services will be particularly strong so early is better to avoid delays or other delivery issues. I don’t think that makes me not ok, and I don’t care if you were joking either because that is actually not ok.


got a nice hardback of Billy Connolly’s latest book super cheap in The Works a couple of months ago with the aim of giving it a read and then gifting it to my mum for Christmas. though we do secret santa in my family now so i might not get her this year and have to hold on to it until another time. should probably read it now just in case though.

Totally echo @anon89873996 here. I’ve been very anxious about lockdown and uncertainty regarding December and knowing that, whatever happens, I’ve got some presents for my kids sorted at least has really good for my mh so yeah each to their own surely? I don’t care if you leave your shipping till Christmas eve but don’t judge me if I did mine in October half term.


A million times this. Lot of privilege needs checking itt.


Have picked things up that have caught my eye but haven’t done any active looking yet. Don’t really start thinking about until after my birthday in early December normally

When your birthday isn’t in December normally, when do you have it?

I’m the Queen. I’ve got a few per year