Is it ok to have an evening thread today?


don’t mind if you think it’s a bad idea.


I think it’s always a good idea Bammers, if only for some respite. How’re you keeping chief?


Of course!


I’m waiting in for a Sainsbos delivery.


I’m ok thanks chap! I think my album is done now excluding some minor mixing changes.

I’m really nervous about it


thanks niks!

What are you waiting for? Nice food n’ shit?


We were going to go out for dinner, but couldn’t be arsed by the time I got home, so… Pizza for dinner! Yeahhh!

Edit: just remembered there’s beer in the fridge. Even better


Oh man that’s incredible, you must be buzzing! You’re gonna put it out on here right?


yeah of course! I just hope it’s good but who knows


what are you going for? Hawaiian?


Evening Bam! Always good to have an evening thread I think. Good work on the album!

Going to go for a burrito in a few minutes, then home for some beers while I listen to the radio and finish our album artwork. Think I’ve put some good stuff together so I’m looking forward to finishing it.


yeah artwork is the one thing I have no fucking idea about. What’s a good artwork?


I’m into the emergency fridge beers, Biere de Luxe which is Asda’s equivalent of Biere D’or des Stupid Sexy Flanders. They’re surprisingly ok?


Just got home, gonna watch the football and have a beer


How’s the missus KG?


Yeah more than welcome. I’m in wakefield. Weird little place.


is this a meme now? I’ve seen you post it a few times


what’s so weird about it?


Just been to the physio, got some gear and some advice and should be OK for the marathon :thumbsup:
Homemade soup and sausages and French stick :thumbsup:
Pub quiz with some ATDs in a bit :thumbsup:


Yep! Can’t for the life of me remember what apart from ice cream :smile:


Fucking drained if I’m honest. Proper shitter of a day for obvious reasons, also been told the council’s coming round to inspect our place next week on top of it, and had to call it off with a romantic interest for various reasons. Send me to fucking bed.