Is it ok to order pizza tonight?


post can’t be empty


It’s always ok. Always.


Yes, yes it is


Fucking right ma man


Of course!


Dominoes just opened in hometownland. Gonna try and convince mum to get us 2 for 1 tuesdays. She’ll hate it but idgaf


Never not ok, pal




thanks for validating my shame


I’m gettin’ a pizza hut tomorrow. What toppings ya goin’ fer, Bam?


dominos half & half, hot and spicy (jalepenos, beef) and texas BBQ (chicken bbq sauce)




Our local domino’s is open 12-12 on Christmas day, today has no shame at all.


Had some mates round and we just got 3 large pizzas from Dominos, definitely ok!


No shame in pizza! Go for it.


Dominoes in the UK is much better than Australia. It’s the cheapest place you can buy pizza here and isn’t much better than frozen pizza. I have no idea how they operate either as it’s ridiculously fucking cheap.

All their tech is done in Brisbane so the app regularly fucks up too.

This has been a comment from the Australian Tourist Board.


I ordered some Chinese food, the chicken satay had pineapple in

  • weird
  • not weird

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I’m not a fan of pineapple in there, but I’ve had it with pineapple before.


Do I even need to answer this


@Bamnan i opted for half n half too. Inspired by thou.