Is it raining right now?

  • :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:
  • :cloud_with_rain:
  • :cloud:

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will it be raining in 30 mins

  • signs point to yes
  • 50/50
  • absolutely not

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do you like it when it rains

  • yes rain is nice
  • no rain is horrible
  • indifferent to rain
  • depends on a number of factors really doesn’t it including whether or not I need to go outside, what type of attire I am wearing, and furthermore… :sleeping:

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oh no i fudged the last one soz

This is quite a comprehensive set of polls.

thank you

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Rain is one of maybe three things in life that I actually like.

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lovely stuff

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  1. Pina coladas
  2. Rain
  3. Penoid things

Heavy rain: great
Drizzle: irritating

Applies to inside and out, don’t mind getting fully soaked I just hate the uncomfortable damp stage

  1. Rain
  2. BBQ sauce
  3. The Donnas

In that order

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It was raining but it’s all blue skies and sunshine now. Which is awful cause motorbike dickhead outside has taken that as a sign to run to run his pathetic engine for the last ten minutes. So loud. I get that he probably has to do that sometimes for… oil reasons or whatever but it’s every two days. The thing is, NEVER, not once, in the whole nine months that I’ve lived here, have I ever seen him actually go out on it. He just revs it and polishes it.
Hope it does rain. Or snow. Or… like, frogs pour down in biblical fashion.

Can’t imagine being alive and not enjoying rain


what if you could make rain taste of bbq

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Really good amount of rain on my lunch time run, a nice gentle cooling spray type situation.


Sounds sticky

Being cosy indoors watching a film on a Sunday evening while it absolutely cunts it down outside is one of the best things

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exactly what i’m hoping for, feel like i might have just missed it

and yet you vote ‘indifferent to rain’

how curious

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So much of the week is not Sunday evening

For as long as only two households are allowed indoors together (and housemate is on hospital placement so no one wants to spend time indoors with us anyway), I absolutely do not like rain as it keeps fucking up my social life


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