‘Is it really Monday?’ Monday thread

Had planned to be in school at 8. Hahahahaha

Still sitting eating breakfast, towel on my wet head wondering why we all have to go in for an online training day :person_shrugging:

@weeber hope it gets sorted today X

@guntrip OH NO


Back to work today, have a savage infection in my left ear - it’s almost completely blocked so I’m practically deaf. Miserable.

Had planned to be in school at 8. Hahahahaha

my sister is a midwife, my brother(a cunt) is a consultant anethetist.

They are really struggling with the volume now.

There is no easy solution is there

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Have you seen my drawing skills?

Been given transcribing to do, the worst of all the jobs.

2 positives, 8 isolating after spending more than 15mins accumulatively across a day at less than 2m with a positive case (could be working alongside, or sharing a break), 5 off with family members testing positive. Somebody else with a cough who I’m certain shouldn’t be here. This week will be painful, but quite a lot of those off come back to us towards the end of the week.

Oh hell no

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Doing a day of work last week has taken the edge off this a bit but still :tired_face:

Ahoy hoy

Last day before school is back. Should probably do something with it but I think we’ve done all the things already.

Think Dungeons & DiSers is back on tonight after the Christmas break, so that’ll be fun. Hope I get to use my ice knife spell at last. Not sure I have any favours to call to get anyone else to do bedtime though so probably going to miss the first hour :-1:

Fortunately did some work between Christmas and New Year so dread isn’t as bad as it could be.
Dunno if boss is off paternity yet or not :man_shrugging:

Hahaha got the day off

because Mrs F has to go for an MRI


All best to Mrs F and to you too!


Cough, fatigue, achy, cold. Why the fuck have you come into work then.


does @japes know



Back to work blah blah

I bit down hard on a fork whilst enjoying a local Indian last night and now I have a sore tooth :confused::tired_face:

my diet yesterday was mainly xmas pudding, pate and garlic mushrooms. Was like the xmas olympics closing ceremony. I smell like something has crawled up my arse and died. Merry xmas!


whilst i read youre replys

Bit harsh super_dee

ouch yes. I was projecting.

I remember once in 2004 i called a day in sick, because i had bitten my tongue.

they all laughed. I talked to myself back then. I miss that feeling.

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I think “under a minute” is probably my personal record for getting annoyed at my colleagues on the first day back. I need something to punch.