‘Is it really Monday?’ Monday thread

Can’t believe they didn’t go for the good shit like tramadol or even morphine. I was high as a kite on that shit the moment I was admitted.

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[i was high as a kite] … It gets worse from here.

Morning troops.

Still a holiday here, #IndyRef

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Yeah, not sure I’ve ever been happier about a bank holiday before. This is a life saver

Gonna finish sorting out the kitchen, maybe make a move on the living room, get out for a good walk

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Been off work for ages it seems, genuinely cba.

bad. this is bad.

There is no happy ending.


Already spoke to the boss about taking hours here and there off this week due to the holidays being extended and he replied saying that he was off as well as his wife was having to be in work due to her school being a hub.

So was that an “I sympathise” conversation, or an “I’m in the same boat, suck it up” chat?

I’ve taken today off sick

Once the idea was in my head that was it. This is the day my self isolation ends. Just one more day of rest and then back in tomorrow yeah.

It was a “yeah, this is going to be a shambles, just do your best no worries” chat


Feel like the time gods are playing a cruel trick making this a five day week

this is bad.

it hurts.

What do I do now?

I really enjoy how I had a weekend free of booze to try and make sure I’m well prepared for today, eaten properly, got to bed about 10 hours before I need to wake up and I still didn’t sleep till 3.30am


Oh Monday, you are going to be effectively the same as the preceding days given the nature of my work and the closed schools! Oh Monday, you are meaningless to me, just another set of the same challenges to be overcome yet again!

Nice out though

I’m on a deadline, so naturally I am distracted by thinking about buying a rowing machine.


Yeah I love that feeling when you realise something isn’t wrong any more. Can’t wait, it’s bloody horrible right now!

Been giving my arms lots of little kisses this morning. Very nice.:blush:


wish i did this.
was avoiding loads of stuff before xmas and now it’s all catching up with me

Really really really don’t want to go to Tesco today

Oh fuck me 65 replies already. Deep breath, here goes…

how are you feeling now?