Is it ruddy lunchtime yet?

Might go wasabi, shoutout to my main man @1101010


just got up man and still fucking stuffed

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I’m so hungry
Already had my yoghurt (before work! :hushed:) and my misery porridge and all I have left is my frittata.
Apart from emergency desk drawer snacks but I’m trying not to eat those too often.

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:rofl: never though i’d see the day when ruffers couldnt finish a beer!


We just had curry.

gonna go to sprigg and get a big ol halloumi salad

will be whatever ‘balanced for you’ m&s ready meal has been reduced in price

#treat my self

absolutely beaten :smiley: the vodka made for a bubbly walk home mind

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Gonna buy a High Quality microwaveable lasagne. Fck making it from scratch.

It ruddy well is lunchtime.

(cheddar and apple sandwich, all gone now)

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Had 2 (two) GVSRs at twelve (12)


Same lunch days in a row limit?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3 again?!
  • 4 oh ffs AGAIN?
  • 5 fuck it I’m nipping out for a Subway

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Got this frittata for three days and it’s delicious but I can’t stand the thought of having it again tomorrow tbh.



Massive bowl of leftover pasta and roasted veg that the TV made last night

Still hungry tbh


Life’s too short to eat food you don’t want to if you don’t have to

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The evils of wasting food has been thoroughly drummed into me from an early age though. Would feel too guilty binning it.
I suppose could freeze the last portion for next week.

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that sounds like an excellent idea.


Conchiglie with grilled aubergine, cherry tomatoes, fontina and basil.

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