Is it Sunday?

Hello you lot.

Good evening hadded last night in the company of @TheBarbieMovie2023 and @hexagram with a solid four pints consumed. Nothing excessive, but enough to make the journey home tolerable. If ever you were in doubt as to the insane depth of material provided by the Countdown community, let me assure you that there is enough in there for at least a seven film franchise, each director’s cut lasting four and a half hours.

Anywoof, both were everything you would hope a DiSer to be in real life. Funny, charming and generally good company.

Today, many jobs around the house.




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Yes i believe it is!

I fell asleep about 10pm last night and didnt wake up til 9!!! Got given some shots after dinner and i think they did me in. Gonna have a very lazy day on the sofa today. Friend is coming over for lunch but that’s about it.

Don’t get why people hate magnolia so much.

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I think it’s Tom Cruise that does it.


I stayed up too late watching Netrunner streams and now I feel weird.


What’s for breakfast, team? Egg bagel and coffee for me. :fried_egg: :coffee:

That sounds like a DiS power trio right there!

It’s a glorious day here. Going to go and buy the papers and then listen to some Teenage Fanclub.


Just had a cup of tea and half of a big Dairy Milk bar.

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You absolute #lad.


Cornflakes and cup of tea


Bro-in-law and sister-in-law are smashing the shit out of some avos and grilling some halloumi :avocado::cheese:


Weetabix, raspberries, banana, golden syrup and a coffee.

No plans at all today but I am guarding the child so hopefully will either watch a film or finish Broom of The System.


and a fuckload of cold brew

Peppery scrambled egg on toast drowned in ketchup, yoghurt, satsuma, coffee. Breakfast of champions!


Baking a cake for a baby shower this afternoon. One large tasteful one and one small very un-tasteful one, if you know what I mean.

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It sure is, chum!

Last night I watched Twin Peaks S03E08 after a curry and a couple of drinks. It was awesome! Can’t stop thinking about it. Might go and read stuff about it but no doubt the internet will ruin it.

Bacon sandwich: consumed; coffee: brewing.


Rough today friends. Gonna go for a fry up when I can muster the energy.