Is it the evening yet?

Well, is it?
On account of the weather being so deliciously mild I’ve suggested we pop out to our local Italian restaurant for dinner and drinks and sitting outside in their garden.
But now I’m having second thoughts…

  • Be boring and sensible and stay in, it’ll be dark in an hour anyway
  • Go out and eat the brushetta and pasta and pizza

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What are you upto on this delightful Spring evening, my friends?

Just been for a run
Gonna have a shower, eat some bread and watch football on the tv

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What the…

Hey @Gnometorious if it helps in your decision making i was going be boring and sensible, i am now however meeting a friend for a vino or two in the sun.
Go out and gorge on pizza, bruschetta and vino. :+1::wine_glass:


I am away out with an ATD to see captain marvel.

Evening. Currently WFH reading and article about Elvis. Yes working hard I know.

I enjoyed this at the weekend. Have fun :slight_smile:

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Yes. We’ve just ordered some pizza.

Big match (es) later…prob have some alcohol as well.


Hello! Had a semi-productive day around the house, ate a fucktonne of spicy, steaky mac n cheese, watched some Downton Abbey. This evening will be more DA, a quorn nugget sandwich and crisps for tea and maybe a beer.


Tofu stirfry
Becks blues
Sabrina x 2

We’ve just ordered some pizza todaaaaay


Been watching all the Rocky’s so wanna go to my local boxing gym and do a class but also kinda CBA and also a bit intimidated

  • Go to boxing it’ll be good!
  • Just go for a run!
  • Stay in play games and eat curry!

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Next doors cat is back in its usual spot now the suns out, bless em


Who the fuck has frequently, or ever, bought these things together?!?


Waiting for my train which is doing that horrible thing where, every minute, it’s delayed by another minute.

Picked up the following albums on the way home:
Earl Sweatshirt - Doris
Scott Walker - Scott 4


Go and do your Italian thing, it won’t be dark till 9.

I’m at the gym early to get home in time for football and baileys.

Weather is scorchio here


Just about to leave work lol
Gf is having a cheeky al fresco coffee so gonna join her

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Whole family are driving back from Peppa pig world and hopefully kids asleep on arrival.
So I’m doing stuff in the garden, listening to songs ohia, drinking a beer and if it wasn’t an illegal activity, maybe a cheeky fancy cigarette.


people should avoid punching each other where possible, gotta be other ways to get strong like lifting weights or something

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omgg this has fixed my life. thank you pig brains