Is it Thursday Evening yet?

It is, isn’t it?

I’ll be spending my evening trying to catch up with all the work I haven’t done in the last few days. Fun times.


Yes it is! Beer and zelda are my only plans tonight. Cheers DiS :beers:




Haven’t had all that great a birthday. Had a job interview that went not very well. It’s for an English teaching job in Magdeburg, DE and the woman’s accent was quite thick and I had to get her to repeat what she was saying a lot. It was quite awkward. I don’t think I even really want the job but it still shook me up a bit.:confused:

I had Haagen Dazs Chocolate Salted Caramel last night. Soooooo good.

(good evening)

Sorry to hear that, and happy birthday! Hope the last few hours of it turn out better :balloon:

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Freeze! burrito police!


Lunch time here, listening to Silver Apples do a talk

I also got to see The Rolling Stones’ mobile studio


Do you fancy a Yorkshire burrito @discobot fortune

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Alright? Just had haloumi salad n that. Probably need to tidy the flat a bit before going away with some DiSers tomorrow :ok_hand:

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:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


Well that’s a bit pish :frowning: Hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your day, and happy birthday

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Out for a drink with a pal.

Evening wr and all. Just got in from work, is shit. And still need to read something this eve as I won’t get chance tomorrow or over the weekend.

Though beer festival tomorrow :slight_smile:

Just listening to OK Computer for the first time in ages, burrito for tea.

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Just done 30 miles. Gonna eat steak with chimichurri and some potato rosti and purple sprouting broccoli :drooling_face:

Got some vanilla caramel brownie Häagen-Dazs fr’afters.

Well, in theory. He’s late, as usual.

Drinking in a deck chair again



Really hungover all day, and got my annual review tomorrow which I’m absolutely shitting it about for various reasons. Urgh :pensive:

Watching a hockey match on TV then a bit of :heart: :desert_island:

Got to get up at 5am tomorrow to drive to Leeds :cry:

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