Is it Thursday Evening yet?


It is, isn’t it?

I’ll be spending my evening trying to catch up with all the work I haven’t done in the last few days. Fun times.



Yes it is! Beer and zelda are my only plans tonight. Cheers DiS :beers:


It is. My deadline got moved from this week to mid September so I went home early, late night shopping on Thursday so am enjoying the therapeutic layout of Zara home, then to the food court for bad Thai food and salted caramel ice cream




Haven’t had all that great a birthday. Had a job interview that went not very well. It’s for an English teaching job in Magdeburg, DE and the woman’s accent was quite thick and I had to get her to repeat what she was saying a lot. It was quite awkward. I don’t think I even really want the job but it still shook me up a bit.:confused:


I had Haagen Dazs Chocolate Salted Caramel last night. Soooooo good.


(good evening)


Sorry to hear that, and happy birthday! Hope the last few hours of it turn out better :balloon:


Freeze! burrito police!


Lunch time here, listening to Silver Apples do a talk

I also got to see The Rolling Stones’ mobile studio


Do you fancy a Yorkshire burrito @discobot fortune


Alright? Just had haloumi salad n that. Probably need to tidy the flat a bit before going away with some DiSers tomorrow :ok_hand:


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


Well that’s a bit pish :frowning:️ Hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your day, and happy birthday


Out for a drink with a pal.


Evening wr and all. Just got in from work, is shit. And still need to read something this eve as I won’t get chance tomorrow or over the weekend.

Though beer festival tomorrow :slight_smile:

Just listening to OK Computer for the first time in ages, burrito for tea.


Just done 30 miles. Gonna eat steak with chimichurri and some potato rosti and purple sprouting broccoli :drooling_face:

Got some vanilla caramel brownie Häagen-Dazs fr’afters.


Well, in theory. He’s late, as usual.


Drinking in a deck chair again


The addition of chocolate intrigues me, I’ve got purbeck salted caramel here, it’s pretty hardcore, it has rocks of salt in, borderline inedible