Is it Thursday Evening yet?

I’m currently reading a bit of Terry Eagleton’s Holy Terror, which is about terrorism in a context which might be termed "loosely ‘metaphysical’ " according to the preface. I might be too dumb for it

going to eat a pie, watch some Kimmy Schmidt then play Mario probably

TV is making cheese and potato whirls for tea :heart_eyes:

I’m drinking wine listening to Ulrich Schnauss :thumbsup:

Off to the lake District for the weekend tomorrow :grinning:



On behalf of late people everywhere: I am truly sorry.

I was planning to attempt LCD tickets tomorrow but fucking Ticketmaster lied to me and sold them all yesterday.

Combined with my night class not going to plan, it’s really soured my mood.

It’s quesadilla night at casa del eric



Think I’m gonna watch the Better Call Saul finale with a beer or three. Staying at my sisters place this weekend so should probably pack at some point too.

@sarahispi hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday :birthday: - sorry to hear about the interview :confused:

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What do you think about having some veggie “meat” balls with my vegetable soup???

  • yes
  • no

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Watching a gay conversion therapy documentary on Viceland, fuck knows why, it’s just making me angry. Some choice cuts so far:

‘Gay people smoke more than straight people, that’s a fact’

‘You can’t be gay and a Christian but you can be homosexual and a Christian’


So far today: Did my fucking job; bought tickets for Blanck Mass, LCD Soundsystem and Nils Frahm; ate some crisps.

Coming up: bashing my teeth at the Brexit means Brexit thing that was on last night; eating something involving toast, dreaming.of a better tomorrow (which is unlikely to actually occur tomorrow, given my fucking job).

Done an interview today, applied for another job. Just made a decaf coffee and argued with my dad if someone on the tv had one arm or not


also had an interview.

was very amusing as there was a man being interviewed who had taught one of the other interviewees 13 odd years ago. He certainly felt old.

Now contemplating if a 31m drive is too far to apply to another one…

How did they the interview go?

31 min would be a decently commute to me.

I walk 35m :confused:

35 min walk is pretty perfect too. I cycle 25 min and it’s great.

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I didn’t get it/ Feedback was all positive really though - just a very strong field. As a just done my pgce person i don’t have a great chance against people with years of experience but that’s fine I guess.

RIGHT - I am applying then :slight_smile:



that’s a dream, do you go home for lunch?

EDIT - hang on metres or miles?

Bit late m8, I’m on my way home now.

Naw no chance, dont really ever get a proper lunch break. Only there for a couple more weeks and will be back to smelly overcrowded buses.

Oh minutes i meant! Silly me

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