Is it Thursday?


Aaaah the fear that someone else will get there before me… quick…


Tell me about you , i want to know every insignificant detail about your morning/afternoon. Your breakfast, your lunch, your news, how many coffees you’ve had already… e v e r y t h i n g.



i SO nearly posted a thread just now but i do too many and abandoned it.

Just had breakfast (cereal, coffee, smoothie) and in a sec im gonna go to the post office to post some records. Then ill probably work on music most of the day. Got asked if i could work overnight tonight but f that. That’s all i gots for ya witches.


Whimsical house name (I’m presuming) of the day:


Hello! It’s super sunny in Stockholm this morning which is great - my favourite weather is cold but bright sunshine/blue skies. Cooked some bits for lunch before work and then got the Metro in, it wasn’t too crowded today which was pretty nice. Had a good spot on the platform in the sun too so waited for a couple of trains to go past as I wasn’t in a hurry and was enjoying the sun. Then I had breakfast at work which is laid on by my company every Thursday, I had some ham and cheese and bread and coffee and orange juice. I’m already on my 4th coffee of the day.

I’m currently doing a bit plan of all of my projects and listening to Dutch Uncles. Later I’m going to a gig and packing for Alicante (off there for a week on Saturday). Also I will be ordering some flowers for my mum for Mother’s Day because I have left it too late to send a card. Oops.


Calf in half loose half pain from a massage. Got to do stretches at my desk all day like a weirdo. Gunna go a haircut at lunch, definitely a run and maybe the cinema tonight.
What have you got @AllOfThemWitches


Off work as I’m doing a careers talk at my old school, not til 1 though




Yeah…excessive maybe. I am an hour ahead though, that helps, right? :grimacing:


is this a reply greeting the posters in this thread with a good morning?

yes it is. good morning


Morning Witches. As you wish!

For someone who loves food so much, I have really dull breakfasts on the weekday. Today I had a bowl of rice krispies (I’m using them up as my daughter seems to have gone off them). I cycled a total of 12.5 miles this morning but it was nice and easy as the wind was behind me. Listened to an old David Holmes album on the way (very 90s but still quite good).

I don’t drink coffee but I’ve just finished my first cup of tea. Lunch is looking like a cheese and pickle sandwich on homemade bread.

In other news, I’m working out in my head how to create an edible test tube explosion on the top of my daughter’s birthday cake. (She’s having a science-themed party). I’m thinking:

  • wrap a test tube/beaker in greaseproof paper and drizzle with a couple of coats of melted white chocolate or even a sugar syrup
  • thread white marshmallows through strawberry laces to create an effect of foam pouring from the top of the beaker
  • decorate with some edible silver glitter spray.
  • a few sparklers :sparkler: :sparkler: :sparkler: to distract from the holy mess I’ve made of the cake.


Hi Witches.

I had breakfast at home (some shit Tesco “crisp” cereal, was fucking rubbish) with a cup of tea, then I cycled to work and I’ve got a coffee now. That’s it really. Got loads of work to do. Urgh.


Morning witches et. al
TV had to be in work super early so I’ve been up since 6. Did a bit of work and now breaking up my morning with a cheeky climb.
I ate bircher muesli for brekkers.


So full of cold today. Bleurgh. 7am start is not what was wanted this morning.

On the plus side, the smell of olbas oil permeating from my desk is keeping other people away from me.

Year End Performance Review in 53 minutes. I’m going to get a “good” rating.

Received my certificate for passing my Introduction to Project Management course that I took last week.

2pm finish - school pick-up later. Homework, then parents’ evening and then bed.


Hey ho. Drinks so far: tea x1, coffee x1. Going to stick another pot of tea on shortly and see about some sort of toast/avocado/chilli/tomato based breakfast (assuming I drag my lazy arse out of bed). Currently mulling over how shit rolling news coverage has made everything (again)- a lot of relatively poorly informed emotive reporting going on.

Plans for the day: off to see The Handmaiden this afternoon and will spend a bit of time planning another couple of routes to upload onto my GPS for our upcoming stomps around various mountain areas.


I’m currently in a webinar about not being a massive sexist.

Nothing else to report.


Hi Witches et al

I’m probably having Bran Flakes and a cup of tea for breakfast. Have some admin to do and a few proofreading jobs, which I hate because the translations these guys send me are almost always dogshit. Need to wait in for someone to come and pick up the TV’s headphones to get repaired, which is really annoying as there’s stuff I have to do in the outside world today that I have to put off now.

Getting my nails done this evening then coming home and packing for two weeks in California :smiley:


Morning witches et al. Today is the last day of my 12 days off. Just about to get up. Gonna have a cup of tea and the left overs of last night’s mixed kebab meat and chips for breakfast. Will try and find a stream of the last 2 quarters of the Aussie rules. My one job today is to buy a new frying pan.


Which David Holmes album? If it was This Film’s Crap…Let’s Slash The Seats, then I interviewed him for my university paper when that came out :slight_smile:

That aside, morning witches. Today is my Friday as am off to The Island Of White for a few days tomorrow to stay with the sister in law and family. Weather forecast is looking good so should be good for some exploring with the kids and maybe even a visit to that most magical place Blackgang Chine…


Morning witches et al. Can I just shock you, I don’t do breakfast! Just had a coffee, would quite like another.

My friend is getting super excited about the cycle we’re doing to Brighton in the summer so I keep waking up to texts full of pictures of pedal clips he’s bought and Strava PBs he’s smashed. I think I’m starting to feel how the non-cyclists of DiS feel…


This sounds wonderfully intricate! Please post pictures when its made :smiley: