Is it Thursday?

I don’t even know any more.

Rain’s on.

It’s my Friday. Gonna coast through work today. Visit the local brewery after work, maybe pop down to the wankey beer shop in Southampton and look forward to an ATD’s wedding tomorrow


Sounds like a deserved break, man :slight_smile:

And _shouldn’t _ be too boozy as I’ve got the baby as a reason to leave early. Perfect.

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where bounce u goin

Today is my Friday.

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Le Fridoi.

Bike ride and some beers tonight. Weekend in settle, maybe some more bikes. Monday off doing NOTHING

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I don’t know anything about any of those places but I’m sure you will have a wicked time so :ok_hand:


Oh okay then, you persuaded me. Today is now my Friday too.

(Sounds like a great trip that you’ve got lined up. Charleston is great - have you seen the Bourdain Parts Unknown episode there? It’s on Netflix, and is well worth a watch).

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This sounds like a top weekend.

Gonna be ruined by @plasticniki and @plasticmike coming to visit the Winch though :wink::wink::wink:


How dare u

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Hello. Thought I was going to see my friend tonight but turns out I had the dates wrong.

Gonna have a second breakfast as all I had for dinner yesterday was three pints after a bike ride so I am starving.

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Gonna get you a bottle or two of that Murmuration stout btw

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Absolutely savaged @rich-t there


Morning all,

Work stress has pretty much dissipated for the week, which is a relief, and the traffic this morning was quiet.

It’s all a bit too good to be true for now (except that today isn’t my Friday)

Off to Green Man ain’t I

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Should be leaving for Bristol but V us still asleep so I’m watching Malcolm in the middle and drinking tea instead.

Well jealous @xylo !


Only found out this morning that they’ve done away with coursework and it now mostly relies on the exam at the end of the 2 years, in which case I would be fuckkkkkked