Is it time for Record Store Day to end?

I’m not making it up

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Reckon it is about time for it to end now, let everyone get home

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Some baffling release choices but, for me, no queues and restricted myself to a slightly overpriced Live Seeds & Rebecca Vasmant EP and got 6hrs of great entertainment finishing with a spellbinding performance from Kathryn Joseph so I’m all for it


Would have loved to go to this if I’d been in town

Nipped into Leeds this morning and managed to get the few things I wanted from Jumbo and Crash. Virtually no queuing - was in and out of both shops in 5mins.

The Kacey Musgraves vinyl is an edition of fifteen thousand, for an album that barely made much of a dent here anywhere.

Bin this entire thing off now.

Popped into Rough Trade East this afternoon and got the Wye Oak LP I wanted. No queues.

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Anyone seen the Commander Venus LP anywhere?

Hhv have their rsd stock coming online at 7pm (6pm UK) today.

They normally have a dedicated page but I can’t see one today so I guess it’s just a case of searching for individual records.

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Cheers mate.
Might wait til next week for the UK shops to go online.
Pricey enough without the chance of a import fee or something.

Yeah not worth the risk tbh.

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Think I’ll wait it for it all to crop up in the sales in a few weeks time.


Went through the list again earlier apart from Lisbon if I didn’t have it, Viktor Vaughn and maybe Modern Lovers II. There is absolutely nothing I can justify. My Original Pirate Materials vinyl came yesterday morning. Didn’t have to queue for that.

Dedicated page now FYI

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Just had my third e-mail of the day about leftover RSD stock. Think they might be fucked :partying_face:

@bornin69x you’re in luck - it’s in stock and only €63


I mean, the one in Help the Aged is only £3.50 but this one is marbled


Hello peeps. Wondering if you can help a clueless person out.

Prince is putting out the gold experience on vinyl on 18th June which appears to be part of Rsd. I might be able to get to resident in Brighton to pick it up that day. It says ‘limited to 2500 copies’ on rough trade - would that indicate I’m going to need to queue at stupid o’clock for it? If so is it ‘put your finger in the air ‘ for when I’d need to queue? Or is there some sensible advice to follow here. Are things bunged out online later if they don’t sell out?

Fucking hell I just want to buy an album :crazy_face:

Thanks in advance for any tips :slight_smile:

If you’re in Brighton on 18th June, go to Cult Hero, not Resident. Queues at Resident will literally be around the block. Even mid afternoon you’d still be queuing up for 20/30 minutes, but I’ve always found Cult Hero’s stock to be pretty good


You sir are a good man