Is it time for Record Store Day to end?

And I ain’t paying £22 for a Mogwai 12” either just in case you were wondering! :joy:



It looks great but still no!

Must be a right ball ache if you actually want to play it

A 7" slip mat? That’s clinched it for me.

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Not a RSD fan at all but I’d definitely like the Joni Court and Spark Demos album and that looks like it is sensibly priced luckily.

HMV didn’t think there were quite enough overpriced limited edition vinyl days/weeks, so here you go - have a Metal one

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They’ve missed a complete open goal there by not using the HMV letters for:
Heavy Metal Vinyl


Ooh it’s almost time for it to back again.

Some more delights I’ve seen are £39 for a reissue of a Buckcherry album, and a Cypress Hill 12” with two remixes on it for £25.

As always, just a wonderful day.


Mentioned on another thread. A lot of the recent national album day stuff is being sold off on Amazon for less than £20.

TL:DR - Taylor Swift fans are getting rinsed.

Edit: no idea why they posted this article from Mar again today, maybe because RSD the lesser is this week (not that anyone cares)

Citation needed but I feel most records on that list are pretty readily available on vinyl, right?

Only if you can somehow stump up (checks notes) 14 dollars!

No idea.
Just skimmed it tbh.
Wouldn’t be like RSD to have variants of readily available LPs at silly prices tho :wink:

No way that’s the RSD 45RPM USA release. I have a copy (bought for face value, about £50) and I often see it crop up on Discogs selling for crazy amounts

(It is really good tbf, although having to change discs every 3 songs is a pain)

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Oh yeah, preaching to the converted mate. Think it’s the main reason it needs to be binned off.

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Taylor Swift prices are increasing almost monthly. I’ve had a few rare releases and had to sell them. Even a couple of months later, I’ve noticed the prices have gone up since then. Fanbase is properly rabid.


Very similar with Lana Del Rey too. A pretty run-of-the-mill copy of NFR! I picked up in a record shop regularly goes for £140 or so already.

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The Black Friday RSD list is probably the worst one yet but I do fancy that Virulence (pre Fu Manchu) reissue and maybe the Screaming Trees live album too. Both US exclusives of course, so if anyone has any leads on either of those I’d be very grateful.

got Rumours from a car boot sale and it didn’t cost that much :man_shrugging: