Is it time for Record Store Day to end?

Fairly sure i have a spare 2nd hand copy of rumours if anyone is desperate for a copy! I’ll have to check as i may have given it away already but if not and you want it, holla! Fairly sure there’s enough copies in the world that no one has to buy one ever again

Saw rumours for 3 quid at a record faire on Saturday. Didn’t bother because I’ll probably hear most of it next time I’m in asda or down the pub

Fucking sick of that album


2024 list is out. 13 pages.

Excited for the takes to begin again.

Lollllll it’s like they’re making the jokes for us


Couple of mildly interesting things, but nothing I’d put myself through RSD for. Just not for me anymore, innit.

Came here to post this :joy::sob::skull:

I’m pumped and broke for the Oceansize EP and the 2 4AD deluxes. Kill me now.

If I didn’t have Young Fathers and La Roux (I like that album but I think I’m in the minority) I’d get them. Apart from that it’s slightly better than last. Replacements need to stop being cowards and release a regular version of last year’s Tim mix.

Team Sleep you say :thinking:

Unsure if I think RSD can be an outrage when vinyls in general are a middle class pursuit. It’s not like new bands can’t get music out if there’s no vinyl. It’s just that they can’t get music out specifically collected by James, Tunbridge Wells. Hard to try and worry about that.

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Oh nm this is an old thread.

Yeah, only thing there I’d have any interest in. Double LP (been ages since I listened to the album but don’t think that’s really necessary?) so bound to be obscenely priced.

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Ah true. Will I resist the urge? Tune in on 20th April to find out!

We might have to team up but…GET HIM!!


It is fucking brilliant


I’ll do the “never satisfied” take if you like. :slight_smile:

Field Music are releasing a brand new album for the day - so my usual “it’s no use for me as I don’t have a CD player” thing is more pronounced than usual for me.

(I should add - they’re ace and this is what bands should be doing, and a digital release is coming later)

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Cant stress enough btw that I’m one of those collectors. I bought two just today :smiley:


Wouldn’t mind the hives black and white lp as that’s a bit expensive, but guess that means it’s prob getting a regular reissue anyway.

Maybe whatever the two lone swordsman thing is.
Fuck queuing for them, they’ll turn up in my locals bargain bin within 6 months maximum

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Ctrl F “CD”.

Ahh, that saved me a lot of time.

The 6 disc Delia Derbyshire boxset is probably very nice.

Fuck RSD, though.

Would be less of a middle class pursuit if RSD didn’t actively encourage labels to keep things out of print to do overpriced reissues. Loads of things that should just be available aren’t, and end up on the RSD lists priced at £30+. It’s bobbins.

(Also - you can pick up records cheap. You can! It is possible!)