Is it time for Record Store Day to end?

Think Banquet is still queues but believe they do it the old fashioned way where you hunt around the shop for what you’re looking for whereas others seem to do “tick what you want on this list” and then hand it over. Small shop as well.

Nipped into a local store just to have a look. Pretty flat really. Seems like quite a lot of fluff this year? Don’t think there was anything I was particularly arsed about.

I was hoping there’d be a return of instore stuff here this year but doesn’t seem to be, other than a couple of DJs in Sound Advice (which isn’t participating in the releases). Was gonna trek out to catch a bit of the David Holmes DJ set this afternoon but the Protomartyr gig is so early tonight that by the time I got back I’d be in too much of a rush.

Might head out tomorrow when it’s quiet and I can actually have a decent browse

Aye couldn’t be arsed heading anywhere today tbh.
Yeah saw David Holmes was doing a set.
Might take a nosy to Bangor tomorrow if the weathers good.

Edit: Starr should have tried to get oh boland and or protomartyr to do a short Instore. Would have been class.

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Yeah Protomartyr would have been a big ask but Oh Boland would have been cool. Not sure if they still have space for instores anymore, they got rid of the little stage they’d built, can’t remember if they’ve done any recently (though given Sick Records managed to squeeze 3 piece bands into that tiny narrow little shop on RSDs past then anything is possible).

Think Starr are putting on a gig elsewhere tonight, though it’s in Ballyhackamore miles away from the shop (think it was originally supposed to happen in USC at Christmas though)

Ah okay. I thought they had the upstairs as a space now. Should have tried to get Deers Head or something.

Theres nothing really on the list this year to excite me anyway. The one FR EP I don’t have and the Commander Venus LP but don’t think anywhere here got the Commander Venus and the Frightened Rabbit EP is as expensive as the Pedestrian Verse LP Reissue :grimacing:

Being a bit of a lazy bollix today too by all accounts :smile:

Oh yeah I haven’t bought an RSD release on the day in a good 8 or 9 years. Only when they turn up in a sale months later.

always loved this song

Wonder how many people bought that Proclaimers album for £51? For anyone who missed out, there’s a copy in the window of my local Help the Aged for £3.50.


I’m sorry, WHAT!? Pretty much every record shop i go into has every Proclaimers album in the 2nd hand racks.


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I’m not making it up

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Reckon it is about time for it to end now, let everyone get home

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Some baffling release choices but, for me, no queues and restricted myself to a slightly overpriced Live Seeds & Rebecca Vasmant EP and got 6hrs of great entertainment finishing with a spellbinding performance from Kathryn Joseph so I’m all for it


Would have loved to go to this if I’d been in town

Nipped into Leeds this morning and managed to get the few things I wanted from Jumbo and Crash. Virtually no queuing - was in and out of both shops in 5mins.

The Kacey Musgraves vinyl is an edition of fifteen thousand, for an album that barely made much of a dent here anywhere.

Bin this entire thing off now.

Popped into Rough Trade East this afternoon and got the Wye Oak LP I wanted. No queues.

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Anyone seen the Commander Venus LP anywhere?

Hhv have their rsd stock coming online at 7pm (6pm UK) today.

They normally have a dedicated page but I can’t see one today so I guess it’s just a case of searching for individual records.

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