Is it time for the annual shit perfume adverts in the run up to Christmas thread 2018?

Some classics before this year’s crop roll in

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“I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be any more”

I think I’ve posted before about how I put that as a Facebook update or a tweet or something as a reference to that stupid advert and my Dad text me to ask if everything was ok.


Does sound like something one would say before blowing up a hospital tbf


Aye, it was good parenting on his part tbf to the lad

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There’s a really terrible D&G one with Emma Stone this year.

Love me a good perfume advert
All a bit

Ain’t they?



This confused the piss out of my brothers and I as TV watching teenagers. We still say “J’adore” in that voice to take the piss out of things.

Genuinely think that was the first perfume ad we ever saw on telly.

haha yeah! it’s time for companies to spend millions on a 3 minute long advert etc :wink: haha x

  • Davidoff Cool Water
  • Davídoff Cool Water

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This is the only one that makes any narrative sense, incredibly rare for a perfume ad.

They are like a hangover from a bygone era - when advertising was still a “serious” creative business (think old cigarette magazine adverts, flake adverts etc).


Saw a really irritating one with Emilia Clarke yesterday.

Love perfume ads so much. Second only to oral B 'verts

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The ones where they’ve clearly been filmed without shots of anyone visibly talking so they can just re-dub them into whatever language they want?


I’ve mentioned before that a perfume x toothpaste/cleaning product hybrid advert would be great.

Full of that weird non-talking that can be re-dubbed and loads of made up science about how amazing the scent is.

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Given Hugo Boss designed Nazi uniforms and Coco Chanel was a Nazi collaborator you could say that these days it really is their time shine.

Finally a contender for 2018.

It’s like a misogynist rendering of Dead Set, only far, far worse than that sounds. Also, I like how Pure XS apparently KILLS women, even through an interrogation mirror

was just talking to someone about this one

not really sure if they fully thought through how having a bunch of blokes following around a woman while she tries to get rid of them might come across.