Is it too early to listen to Christmas music?


I want to give that Marky K album a spin today.


course not mate, it’s December! :slight_smile:


ah sweet cheers! Gonna enjoy this.


haven’t listened to it before, must look it up over the weekend!




King’s Crossing counts as a Christmas song I reckon


I’ve been listening to WARM 101.3 (Rochester NY’s Holiday Gift of Music!) for a week now. Christmas songs merged with local ads for car dealerships and funeral homes and news items about peewee hockey teams and road closures. Wonderful:


Do it! Love Mark’s take on those classics :slight_smile:


is this a Christmas song???


I listened to it, it made me cry a lot. Been a tough year.


Sorry man, maybe listen to these albums instead:

Bit more jovial :slight_smile:


would like a really nice instrumental Christmas album to put on in the background I think


it doesn’t even feel like december yet. i reckon i’ll be listening to them by next weekend.


This is my go (mostly) instrumental Christmas album:

A Charlie Brown Christmas:


listening now this is great thanks x