Is it too late for a banal thread?

  • yes it is too late for a banal thread
  • no it isn’t too late for a banal thread
  • ghost mutt

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bored shitless, maaaaaaaan. said i’d stay late at work tonight as well but i just dunno if i can face it.


…to the tune of Justin Bieber


Today has dragged like fuck. Still feeling ropey from last night’s shenanigans. Bjork Digital and pizza and The Apprentice and tea tonight.

Larking about in Bjork’s mouth is the closest I’m going to get to kissing her isn’t it.


Our garden foxes know where it’s at


this is cool as fuck, man. wish I had some garden foxes




We have seven! Had albino cubs last year. They’re dead cute for a few months until they become mangy urban foxes.




If I drink myself to death at least I know I’ve had a good time.


Don’t worry. That little notification made me feel wanted… UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE @AphexTwinkletoes


Can’t fault the numbers man.


he tells some pretty dodgy jokes sometimes !!


I really want to go home because I have an errant hair growing on my ear lobe and I can’t get it with my thumb and forefinger.

Is that banal enough for you, motherfucker?


Wheyooooooooo! @jordan_229