Is it too late for banal?

how’s yer arvo?
fri night plans?

i’m off down to worthing for a couple of days. apparenty there’s a brewery there. anything else?!?

hardly worth it!!!

Good thread.

This is basically the evening thread, no?

shut up and answer the questions, dickheads

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Urgh im so tired

Sitting in the pret opposite royal courts of justice for the next 30 minutes if anyone wants an ass kicking

Friend of mine lives in Worthing. It’s…not great tbh tbf.

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Worthing is an odd place, where old people go to die.

There is a nice brewery there though you’re right, instead of chairs you sit on beer kegs!!!1

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Free beer & pizza in the office (not working)

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Got some of those fruit shortcake biscuits in the office.

My arvo has mainly been pissing about, hasn’t it. Just offered to stay 30 minutes later at work because my colleague is well tired. Dunno if he’ll take me up on it. I’m so nice, aren’t I?

No Friday night plans tbh. Might watch the remaining two Black Mirror episodes, or persuade plasticmichael to nip down the pub?

Dinner is going to be veggie Thai curry.

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I’m really bored. I worked too hard at the beginning of the week and now I’ve done fuck all today.

This evening I will do some boring car maintenance, then probably get a Tory takeaway of some kind. Not burrito, not pizza, not Thai, not curry, not Chinese, probably not sushi. Not sure what that leaves.

Dunno what to watch while eating whatever it is I’m going to order. Decisions are hard.

i will also be eating thai food for dinner!

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pre-evening thread.


how’s yer arvo?

Lame. I’m going to have to do some work over the weekend :confused:

fri night plans?

Meeting a friend at Rough Trade to see The Go Team


Pub burger probably.

I’ve an hour left in here. Doubt I’ll be doing much work between now and five.

Might go home and shave my head, followed by getting a burrito bowl and then going to the practice space to clean the cans out of it.

I’ve drank too much caffeine and so I feel a bit twitchy. Thankfully it’s hometime in about 20 minutes’ time.

oh… I’ve got one. Brace yourselves.

What did Lancing and Littlehampton say when they saw their neighbour’s swanky brewery?

“We’re not Worthing!”

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Heavy snowing here, I’ve sent everyone home cos I’m such a great cunt

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Uggggh, been very unproductive today and my back really hurts. MOAN. moan… moan. moan. Feeling a bit bleh tbh.

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ok you guys were right, this thread was a bad idea


Good, finished off the writing I needed to do :+1:

GF’s going out, so probably just going to crack on with Mario Odyssey

Veg chilli :yum:

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Got some pals coming over. Gonna do a salmon and spinach cuzzer with caramelised onion rice. I’ve made it before and it’s absolutely :fire:

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